10 to 13 October 2024

EARLY BIRD 10% Disccount
Make your reservation with just a 200€ deposit, pay the rest on the day of the event.
(Valid Until August 10th)

UDUGU Autumn Retreat

UDUGU ARISE is a 4-day transformative adventure exclusively for gay & queer men at the beautiful AMARA VALLEY Retreat Center in Catalonia, Spain. This retreat offers a safe space for exploration, self-discovery and to connect with other men like you within the midst of nature and a supportive community.

Our special guests will provide yoga sessions, embodiment workshops, sharing circles, Cacao ceremonies, and other transformative experiences to help you cultivate a healthy connection with your gay self.

This is an invitation to reconnect and rediscover your true essence in a fun, non-sexual environment. Don't miss this opportunity to experience a beautiful journey towards self-knowledge and personal growth.

Our community is wonderfully diverse with participants from all over Europe, even if our events embrace both English and Spanish, we tend to communicate to the whole group in English.

To enhance your retreat experience, we offer a range of

Personalized therapy sessions, including Reiki and massage.

These services are available on-demand throughout the event and can be reserved at your convenience. Please note that these sessions are offered at an additional cost

⫸08:30 - Morning Yoga Practice

▷ 10:30 - BRUNCH

⫸12:30 - Grounding The Self

▷ 15:30 - SNACK

⫸16:30 - Conscious Sexuality

⫸18:30 - Sauna Session

▷ 19:30 - DINNER

⫸21:00 - Open Heart Puja



⫸15:00 - Arrivals


⫸17:30 - Landing Yoga Practice

▷ 19:00 - DINNER

⫸20:30 - Opening Circle


⫸08:30 - Morning Yoga Practice

▷ 10:30 - BRUNCH

⫸11:30 - Men's Sharing Circle

⫸13:30 - Free Time / Nature walk / Massage

⫸16:00 - CACAO & PSILOCYBIN Ceremony

▷ 19:30 - DINNER


⫸08:30 - Morning Movement

⫸09:00 - Sounding the Soul

▷ 11:00 - BRUNCH

⫸12:00 - Packing Up


▷ 15:30 - Farewell

Amara Valley is a beautiful rustic retreat center 1.5 hrs from Barcelona near Banyoles, with a range of comfortable accommodation options, beautiful outdoor and indoor facilities, peaceful landscapes and nature, delicious gourmet vegetarian/vegan food, and a large practice Shala. All accommodation options below include all meals and use of facilities (including the pool and the sauna!).

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As one of Amara Valley's guardians, Leon brings years of experience in hosting retreats for a diverse array of teachers, therapists, and healers drawn to the valley’s restorative energies. Inspired by the deep practices of yoga, Shaktism, and various sacred ceremonies, he skillfully creates spaces that are both safe and inspiring. Here, individuals feel invited to surrender to introspection and relaxation
Javier, a seasoned body-oriented therapist and contemporary dancer, specializes in embodied psychotherapy, movement meditation, and therapeutic massages. With over 11 years of experience, he guides individuals in enhancing their body-emotional-psychological awareness. Recently, he launched the "Initiation to Conscious Sexuality" project, supporting the LGTBI+ community in areas such as gender, sexual identity, trauma, and problematic consumption like ChemSex.
Emilio, a Yoga Teacher, Integrative Body Therapist, and Tantra Facilitator, embarked on a global journey that sparked a deep spiritual awakening, particularly through his experiences with Dharma Mittra in India and New York. Integrating Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics, and Sexuality into his practice, he now flourishes as a certified Tantra facilitator, offering a holistic approach to wellness and self-discovery.
Alfonso, a Reiki and Sound Healing Practitioner, embarked on his spiritual journey a decade ago through meditation in Southeast Asia. Inspired by his experiences in India, he incorporated Reiki and therapeutic music into his practice. Through Vibrational-Energy Healing sessions, he purifies, recharges, and expands the mind, body, and energy, harnessing the synergy of Reiki with the healing potency of sound and vibration.

Leon 🏳️‍🌈

Emilio 🏳️‍🌈

Alfonso 🏳️‍🌈

Javi 🏳️‍🌈

Emi 🏳️‍🌈

Emi is a Transformative Massage Therapist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Integrative Body Therapy Facilitator, and Energy Healer. Driven by a passion for healthy living and a profound curiosity about human existence, he has crafted a holistic approach to the body. Emi integrates all aspects of the body, fostering personal growth and transformation in multiple life domains. Through extensive workshop participation, he has learned the transformative power of presence and love.
The Bunk Beds 

A single bed in a shared rooms with 3 others.

⫸ Shared Bathroom

⫸ Bring your towel

⫸ Include the full meals plan

Price: 470€

(Early Bird -10% Until August 10th 420€)

The Twins

A single bed in a shared rooms with 1 other.

Shared Bathroom

Bring your towel

Include the full meals plan

Price: 500€* (Early Bird -10% Until August 10th 450€)

*Private use 550€

The TWIN Rustic Suites 

A single bed in a shared Suite with 1 other.

⫸ En-suite Private Bathroom

⫸ Include towels

⫸ Include the full meals plan

Price: 600€* (Early Bird -10% Until August 10th 540€)

*Private Use 670€


The Boat Room

A cozy room with a double bed, ideal for couples or individuals who look for a more private space.

En-suite Private Bathroom

Include towels

Include the full meals plan

Price Couple (each): 510€

Price Individual: 620€

(Early Bird -10% Until August 10th)


At UDUGU, we believe in inclusivity and supporting members of our community who may have limited financial means. To make our retreat accessible to everyone, we are pleased to offer a Special Discount for up to 3 individuals with low income.

If you find it challenging to cover the full retreat cost, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. Share with us your reasons for wanting to be a part of UDUGU Retreat, and we will gladly provide you with more information on how to avail this discount.

Our aim is to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the transformative experience our retreat offers.

The UDUGU Team.


The goal of our Amara Kitchen team is to create an experience that will open up a new perception of plant-based cuisine that supports health and vitality.

They care for every detail to deliver meals designed with seasonal, locally produced ingredients creating dishes bursting with flavor, color and nutritional goodness.

Contact us if you have any questions